Court schedule - Lichfield Friary Lawn Tennis Club

Tennis court schedule

4 out of 6 courts are currently under refurbishment which is due to finish at the end of April 2019.  There is currently a Temporary Court schedule wc 29 April which outlines the priority for the remaining 2 courts.  This is updated and emailed to club members each week.

Even during this refurbishment project there is still opportunities to play social games at our daytime and evening mix-in sessions.

Do I need to book a tennis court?

One of the best things about playing tennis at Lichfield Friary is that you don’t have to book a court.  The Temporary Court schedule wc 29 April shows who has priority if all the courts are full, but outside these times you can just turn up and play.  We have just introduced an online court booking system .  This gives you an opportunity to check if courts are booked before coming down to play.  Those who are LTA registered and linked to Lichfield tennis club can book courts through this system.

You are also free to bring a guest up to five times per year. Simply sign your visitor into the guest book in the clubhouse and leave the relevant fee of £5 per adult, £3 per student and £2 per junior in the box.

Tennis balls and equipment

We provide high-quality tennis balls for all games, even if you’re not playing in an organised match. Did you know we even recycle our old tennis balls through Recycaball? Once a tennis ball has lost its pressure and is unsuitable for club tennis, the balls are donated to a wide variety of charities helping underprivileged children, nursing home residents and animal rescue centres.

If you’re in the market for a new racquet or any other tennis gear, we recommend Sutton Sports at Wylde Green. Lichfield Friary members get a 10% discount on non-sale goods.