Club tournament scheduled for early October - Lichfield Friary Lawn Tennis Club

To enter into the tournament this year, please either sign up in the club house, sheets will be put up later this week, or drop an email to  Once we have an idea on number of members who wish to participate we will send out additional details.


Proposed Schedule – All dates and times are dependent on level of interest

5th October – Mens and Ladies Singles Preliminaries 12.30 – 6pm

6th October – Mens and Ladies Doubles Preliminaries 12-00 – 6pm


12th October Junior Preliminaries 9am – 6pm (all 6 Courts would be used)

13th October 9.00am – 1pm Mixed Doubles Preliminaries & Mini Tennis Finals

13th October 2.00pm Finals for Main Competition and Plate take place.